The Sound of History. Belgrade Confluence is an installation which combine scientific, educational and artistic discourse through an interdisciplinary approach in order to spread the boundaries in narration and the interpretation of cultural heritage.  The composition consists from audio installation which depicts the History of Belgrade Confluence aria trough creative use of soundscapes, info boards which describe some of the events that happened in the aria during history and visual intervention during the installation. The installation is made as a result of a research work of Dr. Sanja Iguman at the University of Bergamo, in cooperation with Maja Ćurčić, composer and music teacher from Belgrade. Visual intervention was performed by Mina Piscevic, a visual artist from Belgrade. The composition was presented in KC Grad, in Belgrade, in 2018.

The aim of this exhibition was to point out the possibilities of interdisciplinary approach as an instrument for interpreting natural, cultural, material and non material heritage of Belgrade.
This event was organized by Art Aparat Association, that is founded by Sanja Iguman and Maja Curcic.