Audio-visual and site-specific piece made by two artists, Maja Curcic and Bojana Atlija for the gallery Nastupiste in Topolcany, Slovakia in 2015. The installation consists of two parts-murals and the sound installation.


The idea was to do abstract representation of our impressions of different landscapes and to put them on the walls of the gallery, so it surrounds the viewer from all sides.The sound installation accompanies that journey and also provokes its own associations. As lines at some places turn to shapes, also the sound effects turn to music. 

The visual and sound experience affect the viewer separately and together, and also affect each other.With this installation we wanted to interact with the instinctive in the viewer. By domination of the size of the drawings and sound that comes from all sides, we tried to make an environment where the viewer is inspired to feel, and not think.

Since Nastupiste Gallery is positioned at the train station, random passers are often the audience of the art pieces presented in this space. This accidental encounter with art gives a certain context to the Landscapes art project. We were hoping that this piece would affect the spectator as a surprise, the same way as nature does, in an uncanny, sublime way.