LASTA Music Educational Program is a program created by Maja Curcic.

Part of the Rehersal

This program combines culture and music education using an interdisciplinary approach in order to help strengthen the capacities of refugees from war zones, currently residing in Serbia. The project includes a number of different cultural events and activities.


Participants learn how to sing in choir during the musical workshops. Songs that are chosen for this opportunity belong to different cultural heritage. Participants were encouraged to suggest the songs from their heritage, to affect the arrangement of the songs, so they have active role in creative process.

After the songs are learned, we professionally record two songs in music studio.

In the final phase, we will perform at the concert with our partners, Gradski Hor BElgrade, and the instrumental band. Trough this partnership, we want to include part of the public (members of the choir) and to raise awareness about the problems of the migration. Also, we want to encourage participants from the war zones to collaborate and perform publicly.

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The idea behind it is to help relax and animate this vulnerable group of people with the help of music and improve their mood and general motivation. The goal is to entice positive thinking and motivation for creative work in face of difficulties and hardship that these people are confronted with. In addition, activities associated with music will encourage intercultural dialogue and connect the participants with the new context and environment in order to overcome the boundaries between cultures and help their gradual integration into new society.

Program is supported by UNHCR Serbia and organised by PIN.